URBAN SAVAGE - Let Thunder Roar

URBAN SAVAGE - Let Thunder Roar
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URBAN SAVAGE - Let Thunder Roar
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Urban Savage, that features members of other active Swedish hardcore bands such as Hårda Tider and Svart Städhjälp, is still a rather new outfit. Yes, they started jamming at their practice space nearly three years ago already, but it wasn’t until more recently that Urban Savage started out gigging as well, all in favor of the release of their debut album “Let Thunder Roar” that got released in true DIY spirit through the band’s own Savage Records!

What does Urban Savage sound like? Well, if you look at their Facebook page you might notice that the band is still in search on what label to give to their style. Also in the letter that got accompanied with my promotional LP and the contact I had so far with member Viktor he’s incredible humble about the sound of his band and whether people will like it or not. I honestly think he has nothing to worry about, and that they should keep thinking outside the box when it comes to genres when you can write fantastic songs like “Thieving Bastards”, “Minimum Wage / Maximum Slave”, “Those Who Go & Those Who Stay”, “Wolves”, “Wasted Time” and “Let Thunder Roar”! To me it sounds like a great mix of UK’82 and Oi! music blended with some hardcore influences.

Discharge’s “Realities Of War”, The Blitz’ “All Out Attack” and Negative Approach’s “S/T” EP are labeled as the band’s main influences in combination with lyrics that are very socially aware as you might have made up from the song titles in the paragraph above. All this makes me think of bands like Criminal Damage, or more recently Syndrome 81, where members with various, mainly hardcore influenced, backgrounds produce one hell of a streetpunk LP or EP. Because that is exactly what Urban Savage’s debut album “Let Thunder Roar” is, one hell of a streetpunk record and is highly recommended if any of the above speaks your mind! Sweden rules!
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