GAS RAG Discography

GAS RAG Discography
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GAS RAG Discography
Reference : K7GAS4
In their short existence as a band, these four Chicago punks blended classic Scandinavian & Midwestern hardcore influences in a very refreshing and interesting way and left behind a few killer EPs, all of which are collected on this little plastic fucker.

The band had me instantly with perfectly executed powerful riffs filtered through a sharp guitar tone, well structured fast and short songs, lyrics filled with nihilism, mind-melting drumming and a Touch & Go-ish aesthetic backed with some nice drawings. It was really exciting to follow the releases of a band that merged the raging spirits of my fave classic hardcore EP's like Pick Your King, Jan's Room & Vengeance, Raped Ass and Swedish hardcore giants - Totalitär.

This ultimate collection of golden hits is pressed on 150 pro-dubbed tapes in yellow, black and red color. Each tape comes with a two-sided foldout J-card insert. Grab 'em now or regret later!
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