CROWN COURT The English Disease

CROWN COURT The English Disease
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CROWN COURT The English Disease
Reference : EPCROWN2
From American Oi :
"No Paradise" kicks off this noise making upstart Oi! band's new single, with a sharp jab of raw Oi! power. The bands sound is pure Oi! and filled with the influences of the legends but this is just not a throw back record that fills us with nostalgia for the old bands. Crown Court takes a fresh take on street thunder music. A thundering sound that is filled with ice pick guitar licks that gut your soul and a fast paced beat that gives the songs a surging sense of urgency. "Jack Jones" kicks the fucking door down with the storm cooked up in the depths of the rhythm. This storm beat is equally matched by the vibrant guitar work. The song strikes with rapid fire tempo that leaves you wanting more. This song truly captures the strength of this band with a raw sound that will please the dirtiest Oi! lovers out there (Like Me), and still keep enough production in the sound to not turn off fans of the ultra clean production and wall of sound records coming out of Europe today. You want a song to clinch your fist too, dance like a maniac and turn bone to dust? "We Made You" fills that bill and then some. Guitar riffs shred with a proto-punk rock sound that makes me think of Chiswick records. The singer delivers through the whole record with his cadence styled bark. He delivers these well written lyrics in short, sharp phrasing that adds a throw back punk vibe to all their songs.
Great single and will sure be on singles of the year! Please do yourself a favor and check out all the releases for these up and coming kings of British Oi!.

For fans of: The Templars, The Cliches, The Cockney Rejects, The Last Crusade, The 4-Skins, and Hammer And The Nails.
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