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Reference : EPCOUPE
From American Oi web : Coupe Forge - Demo 2015

I love that new wave of French bands who mix Oi! music with fast-paced hardcore/punk like Syndrome 81, Traitre and Outreau. Great demo cassettes and ’45 tours’ from each band so far! To this list we can now add Coupe Gorge, a new band with a similar style like the three bands above from the sunny docks of harbor city Brest, France!

On Coupe Gorge’s first demo the band presents five short tracks, much alike the last Traitre cassette. That means raw Negative Approach influenced tracks ‘en Français’ like the band’s anthem “Coupe Gorge”, “Guerre Civile” and “La Nuit” in the mix with thumping French Oi!/streetpunk jams like “Haine” and “Violence”. Fuckin’ love the ultra-melodic guitar riff and massive sing-along on the chorus of “Violence”, without a doubt my favorite track of the demo!

Although musically Coupe Gorge shows the most similarity with Traitre of the three earlier mentioned bands this band ironically enough shares some of its members with Syndrome 81. But that is just a ‘fun fact’, because overall this is a great first demo from a band we’ll most likely hear much more from in the near future!
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