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Reference : LPABORTION
Formed in 1982, the ABORTION SQUAD was assembled from the remnants of two high school punk bands, The BY-PRODUX, and The FIZZICAL FITS.

Inspired by the early 80's international hardcore scene, they combined and wrote new songs and kicked up their punk sound a notch to HARDCORE.

In 1983 they hit the recording studio and put out a now "rare" cassette demo tape featuring many killer "hits" such as "You Make Me Sick" and "No Authority, No Rules" which earned them airplay on local Boston area college stations... not bad for a bunch of punk kids from Manchester NH !!

They enjoyed a good run of success in the 80's playing shows in Boston with other area hardcore bands, they enjoyed having had the pleasure of being on the bill with such notable acts as G.G. ALLIN and the JABBERS, G.B.H., and even Boston pop icons the NEIGHBORHOODS.

The ABORTION SQUAD were part of the few hardcore punk from the New Hampshire scene, among bands like the MURDERERS, the MIGHTY CO'S and AGROPHOBIC ARRAY... they are incontestably the most primitive and brutal band from this scene, playing intense and spontaneous hardcore with a real "fuck you" punk attitude.

Here's a review of one of their gig, written the 30th of June 1983 (I think it was on SUBURBAN PUNK zine) :

"In fact, a punk band, "Abortion Squad" made one of the strongest impression with short, frantic songs of hate and anger. The Manchester group has a 20 songs tape, made at Kevin Tracy Studios, getting good airplay on the Boston station WERS."

28 years later, WHO CARES? records officially the 21 songs of this demo on a 12" vinyl. Limited as usual to 300 hand numbered copies : 50 first on limited edition and colored vinyl, 250 next on regular cover. 8 test pressings should be made. Test pressings will be made as usual with a special cover...

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